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That Hideous Strength (feat. Melvin Tinker)

That Hideous Strength (feat. Melvin Tinker)

Update: 2020-11-05


This week on Into the Pray, we are joined by Melvin Tinker, author of multiple books including a recent updated version of That Hideous Strength, a work based on C.S.Lewis' work of the same title.

Melvin was a church minister in the Church of England for over twenty years but, in recent months, has set up a new network of churches separate to the Church of England. Melvin is a good example of a church leader with a God-given "conscription of conscience". Please see here for more info on what we mean by that.

Sit back and listen to Melvin who helps us delve into and understand the dark, demonic cultural agendas that we are living in. In short, by the end of this podcast, you will have an understanding of cultural marxism and how this is something we should be resisting and exposing with every fibre (and prayer) of our being.

Because this is a longer conversation this week, Mairi and I only have a short introduction at the beginning but an important one nonetheless. Please check out our friend, Steve Buckley's, podcast that he published yesterday. Personally speaking (Nick), it made me realise how easily compliant we can become with things that we shouldn't be. You can listen to Steve's podcast here.

Don't miss the eighth part of our study through the book of 1 Corinthians (The City of Temples) this coming Sunday - we'll be completing chapter 3.

As ever, please get in touch, including via Instagram, tell a friend and consider supporting this podcast (and the other content we produce) but seeing our website here.

Until next week, Come, Lord Jesus!


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That Hideous Strength (feat. Melvin Tinker)

That Hideous Strength (feat. Melvin Tinker)

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