DiscoverThe Remarkable Leadership PodcastThe "Scoop" on Learning to Learn with DC Glenn
The "Scoop" on Learning to Learn with DC Glenn

The "Scoop" on Learning to Learn with DC Glenn

Update: 2021-07-14


There is no overnight success. However, there is hustle. DC Glenn is a platinum-selling rapper, actor, voice-over professional and featured in Geico’s “SCOOP THERE IT IS” commercial. DC shares with Kevin that his path to stardom was rather bumpy. He worked hard to get a label and signed a terrible contract. Instead of feeling sorry for himself, he studied the law and waited for his day in court. This continuous learning attitude and preparedness for new ventures gave him the chance to not only star in the #1 commercial but provide input to the content. Sprinkles, anyone? He encourages us to step out of our comfort zone and be OK with things that don’t work out. Failures can lead to good things if we look for the opportunity.

In this episode, DC talks about:

  1. Learning how to learn.
  2. Value of preparation.

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The "Scoop" on Learning to Learn with DC Glenn

The "Scoop" on Learning to Learn with DC Glenn