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The #1 Obstacle To Success

The #1 Obstacle To Success

Update: 2019-09-25


It never gives you a break. No matter where you go, it's there, rearing its ugly head in hopes of thwarting your ability to be happy and successful.

And here's the bad news ... you cannot escape this sinister presence.

Because it's YOU.

It's the habits, hurts and hangups you've developed over a lifetime of dealing with the disappointment and difficulties unique to your situation growing up in this broken world.

And that, more than anything, is what impacts your ability to be successful in business.

Because here's what I learned long ago ...

Income improvement follows self-improvement.

For me, it's been a rough few weeks on the mental battlefield.

Some days, depression and despondence have gotten the better of me.

And while intellectually I know "why" I feel this way (abused as a young boy, have a hard time trusting others and receiving love, etc.), it still messes with my ability to do business.

But here's the good news.

As Tony Robbins says ...

Biography is not destiny.

And, once you decide that TODAY is where you can make a change, and take responsibility for yourself instead of leaving it to chance or the past or other people, things can change.

But, as Maxwell Maltz writes in Psycho Cybernetics ...

"The new concept does carry a responsibility, however. No longer can you derive sickly comfort from blaming your parents, society, your early experiences, or the injustices of 'others' for your present troubles.

"These things may and should help you understand how you got where you are. Blaming them, or even yourself, for the past mistakes, however, will not solve your problem, or improve your present or your future.

"The past explains how you got here. But where you go from here is your responsibility."

Whether you like to admit it or not, what's going on under the hood mentally and emotionally for you does impact your ability to do business well.

I just wanted to share this to remind you that everyone goes through these mental battles, myself included!

And that the good news is, you and I can DO something about it.

So take the time today to work on yourself.

For me, what finally "clicked" was the book Psycho Cybernetics and spending more time with my guy Jesus.

Whatever it is for you, know this ...

I'm cheering you on.

You matter, and I believe in you.

So pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and get back in the game.

We need you in this fight!
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The #1 Obstacle To Success

The #1 Obstacle To Success