DiscoverSomething You Should KnowThe 2 Ways Rich People Acquire Their Wealth & Why We Act Out of Spite
The 2 Ways Rich People Acquire Their Wealth & Why We Act Out of Spite

The 2 Ways Rich People Acquire Their Wealth & Why We Act Out of Spite

Update: 2021-04-154


Smile! Why? Because smiling offers a lot of benefits. This episode begins with a discussion on all the good things that happen when you smile more often.

What does it take to become wealthy? Sometimes it’s luck or having connections but when you look at middle-class people who become wealthy, it turns out they tend to have similar characteristics and they do a lot of similar behaviors that allows them to accumulate wealth. Joining me to discuss these characteristics and behaviors is Lewis Schiff. He is Executive Director of the Business Owners Council and author of the book Business Brilliant: Surprising Lessons From the Greatest Self-Made Business Icons ( If you want to be wealthy, Lewis’ insights are important to know.

Have you ever done something out of spite? Most of us have. And it makes you wonder why. Humans are just about the only creature on earth that acts out of spite. According to psychologist Simon McCarthy-Jones, spite comes from a feeling of injustice - that we have not been treated fairly. And people will often go to great lengths to get vengeance. However, spite may not be all bad. It may just serve a valuable purpose. Listen as Simon explains why we do things out of spite and why spite may be an important force in keeping us all honest with each other. Simon is author of the book Spite: The Upside of Your Dark Side ( 

You know when you are having a bad day…? And it seems that the worse it gets - the worse it gets? Well, there is a simple way to turn that off. Listen as I explain a simple technique that will stop you from focusing on all the bad things happening and turn off that downward spiral in your head so the rest of your day can go much better. Source: Dr. Judith Orloff author of Positive Energy (


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The 2 Ways Rich People Acquire Their Wealth & Why We Act Out of Spite

The 2 Ways Rich People Acquire Their Wealth & Why We Act Out of Spite

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