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The American Executioners (Vengeance)

The American Executioners (Vengeance)

Update: 2019-11-06


Content Warning: This episode contains extremely graphic depictions of genocide, torture, and human experimentation.

On April 29th, 1945, one day before Adolf Hitler killed himself, the true evil of the National Socialists--and the necessity of crushing them--finally became known to the American men fighting through Germany. It all began with seeing a set of boxcars, filled from stem to stern with the starved, decaying bodies of thousands of Jews who had been traveling by rail for weeks, as their captors fled the approaching Allied forces without a care in the world for the miserable existence of their human cargo. From the train tracks and moving into the camp known as Dachau, the American troops were then greeted by both the words "Arbeit macht frei" adorning the camp's gates contrasted with the starving, skeletal, and dying faces of the prisoners housed within. 

Some of the men wept. Some frantically prayed to an unresponsive god. Some clenched their fingers so tightly into their palms that blood trickled to the ground beneath their feet. Some swore revenge, even if nothing had been done to them personally. And some achieved this revenge, if only vicariously and on behalf of the victims of Dachau. This is the story of that vicarious revenge, an examination of the events leading up to it, and a meditation on the ethics of summary execution committed by American troops against Nazis with their hands raised in surrender.

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i heard many podcasts on WW2 and Great 1WW.. i saw many documents on concentration camps.. i visited Oswięcim main camp and Brzezinka camp wich is Auschwitz and Birkenau concentration camp complex.. i learned about it all at school not just briefly but for years repeatedly.. I'm Polish living in Canada... i thought i knew it all.. i was wrong. I wiped tears listening to this great podcast.. thank you for teaching me on one more aspect of that horrific tragedy of Holocaust

Nov 11th

steve boheimer

Great podcast. The piano song in the first break brought a tear to my eye.

Nov 10th








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The American Executioners (Vengeance)

The American Executioners (Vengeance)

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