DiscoverThe Art of CharmThe Art of Overcoming Fear of Failure with Jon Taffer
The Art of Overcoming Fear of Failure with Jon Taffer

The Art of Overcoming Fear of Failure with Jon Taffer

Update: 2020-04-204


This is a trying time for the restaurant industry and any business that relies on social gathering, so what can business owners do to not only survive this pandemic, but thrive in it and after it?

What to Listen For

  • What does the future of the restaurant industry look like in a post COVID world and how might restaurants need to evolve in order to survive?
  • Why do we have to motivate and communicate differently at work during this pandemic, and what is the best way to do both?
  • How can this pandemic have a disastrous lingering effect on our ability to move forward as a society and what can we do to save ourselves from the aftermath?
  • What should restaurants do to adapt during this pandemic so they can survive until things are normal again?
  • What can we do to support the restaurant industry during this incredibly difficult time when people are avoiding going out?
  • How do you view a crisis as an opportunity so you can come out ahead when so many people are complaining and just treading water or giving up?
  • What can you do to help someone realize they need to hold themselves accountable for their own failure?
  • Why can conflict be a great thing on a personal level and what can we do to view conflict in a more positive light so we can get better at handling it rather than retreating from it and going against our own values?
  • What can you do to isolate the troublemaker on the team so they don’t cause anymore trouble for the rest?

While crises are an unfortunate inevitability in life, you don’t have to let them kick you to the ground and keep you there. Every crisis is an opportunity but you must be willing to view it as an opportunity in order to take advantage of it. What are you going to do to stop playing the victim and take charge of your circumstances to help you succeed and thrive?

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The Art of Overcoming Fear of Failure with Jon Taffer

The Art of Overcoming Fear of Failure with Jon Taffer

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