DiscoverMuseums in Strange PlacesThe Art of Volcanoes (S01/E21)
The Art of Volcanoes (S01/E21)

The Art of Volcanoes (S01/E21)

Update: 2018-08-07


What would it look like if Indiana Jones was into volcanoes and created a museum in a small Icelandic village? The Volcano Museum in Stykkishólmur displays the art and geological specimens collected by volcanologist Haralður Sigurðsson from around the world during his many decades of exploration and research. I speak to museum manager, Filip Polách—a Czech photographer who fell in love with Iceland—about how an Icelandic eruption may have started the French Revolution and how the museum came to have an original Andy Warhol painting of Vesuvius.

This episode is sponsored by Locatify. Locatify is an Icelandic software company specializing in mobile apps that use location technologies for Immersive audio guides, treasure hunt games, Augmented Reality and indoor GPS. 

Songs used in this episode are "Intro" and "Burning Bridges" by Ceasetone.


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The Art of Volcanoes (S01/E21)

The Art of Volcanoes (S01/E21)

Hannah Hethmon