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Update: 2020-04-12


content: Apr 3, 2020 · podcast: Apr 12, 2020

One podcast I listen to always and without fail is Roderick on the Line with John Roderick and Merlin Mann.

They talk shop on a variety of different topics, politics, history, technology, personal stuff. Whatever comes up while they’re on the line.

On a recent episode there was a minor recount of when Rodrick gave his “baby mama” a recipe from an Australian woman that he had been talking to on Twitter.

For whatever reason that struck a nerve with me. Probably because I’ve had bad experiences with people I was close to chatting with other people online. And historically I’m horrible at relationships. And the door swings both ways. And I’m nobody’s hero or role model.

Anyways, me being who I am I wanted to get Sara’s take on this Australian recipe exchange, get a female’s perspective. I put my Tascam microphone on the kitchen counter while we were making and having our dinner. She and I then discussed the ins and outs of such a scenario from our own perspectives.

Tascam DR 05X microphone 2

Please note: I didn’t remember exactly what Roderick’s story was. And I still don’t. I’m sure there are plenty parts I got wrong.

Don’t take me to court.

PS- I recorded the intro first thing in the morning. And I wasn’t 100% awake so I wasn’t overly chipper. I wasn’t in a bad mood or anything, just didn’t have a spring in my step yet.

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The Australian Stew

The Australian Stew