DiscoverBeyond 6 SecondsThe Autism-Friendly Cookbook - with Lydia Wilkins
The Autism-Friendly Cookbook - with Lydia Wilkins

The Autism-Friendly Cookbook - with Lydia Wilkins

Update: 2023-07-24


Lydia Wilkins is a freelance journalist and author based in the UK who covers disability and social issues. Her work has appeared in publications such as The Metro, The Independent, Refinery 29, The Daily Mail and PosAbility Magazine. She writes a newsletter on Substack discussing the intersection between feminism and disability culture. Her debut book, “The Autism-Friendly Cookbook,” was published in November 2022. She is also an ambassador for AccessAble, an organization providing access guides across the UK.

During this episode, you will hear Lydia talk about:

  • Her experience working as an autistic journalist
  • What inspired her to write “The Autism-Friendly Cookbook," and how her book makes cooking more accessible for autistic people
  • How clear communication skills are both critical and underrated 
  • The difference between asking informed questions and expecting emotional labor from people with disabilities 

Content warning: occasional swearing, a reference to suicide

Limited-time giveaway! Beyond 6 Seconds is also giving away a copy of "The Autism-Friendly Cookbook" to two of our listeners in the United States! Check out my post on Twitter (pinned post) or Threads on Monday, July 24th, 2023 for more information. Up to two winners will be chosen at random. Valid for US addresses only. Giveaway ends at 11:59 pm EDT on Friday, August 4, 2023.

“The Autism-Friendly Cookbook” is also available for purchase on the Jessica Kingsley Publishers US and UK websites, Amazon, Barnes & Noble,, and Waterstones.

Find out more about Lydia and her work at, subscribe to her Substack newsletter The Disabled Feminist, and follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

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The Autism-Friendly Cookbook - with Lydia Wilkins

The Autism-Friendly Cookbook - with Lydia Wilkins

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