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The Beauty of Conflict with Clair Canfield

The Beauty of Conflict with Clair Canfield

Update: 2021-03-22


When most of us think of our experiences with conflict in communication, we feel emotions ranging from mild discomfort to full fledged panic or dread. In this episode,  we explore our approach to conflict with Clair Canfield, a brilliant professor on the subject of communication. He models what he teaches throughout this conversation and he offers us amazing tools to help us improve our relationships by holding space for others and changing our lens about what it means to connect with others. Clair's pillars of communication are nothing short of groundbreaking and have changed our approach forever. 

Here they are:

1. Belief in the capacity to change

2. Belief in self determination (people have the right and ability to choose. Advice giving is counterintuitive)

3. Everyone has dignity

4. Safety- do not cause harm

5. Ethic of care (benevolence)

You can watch Clair’s Tedx talk here, and his website is You can also find him on instagram @collaborativeconflict:)

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The Beauty of Conflict with Clair Canfield

The Beauty of Conflict with Clair Canfield

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