The Bedtime Socks

The Bedtime Socks

Update: 2020-03-1514


This story is perfect for BEDTIME. It's a little bit shorter, not a WHOLE LOT happens, and it is somewhat proven to deepen sleep (based on measurements using the sleep monitoring machine I just happen to store in my studio at all times).

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If your tiny person wants to share a story they've written, please send photos or recordings of it to I LOVE to see their artwork, stories, and anything else they'd like to share.

BIG THANKS to the listeners who provided sound effects used in the story: BEN, CALEB, LUKE, RIVER, and ANAIS LOU!

Thank you to MORGAN for helping me with the reminder at the beginning of this episode!!!

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مغز گُل گُلی

oh is that Selena Gomez? 😍

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The Bedtime Socks

The Bedtime Socks

Rhea Pechter