DiscoverMark Levin PodcastThe Best of Mark Levin - 11/13/21
The Best of Mark Levin - 11/13/21

The Best of Mark Levin - 11/13/21

Update: 2021-11-13


On the Best of Mark Levin, in typical reprobate fashion, Joe Scarborough attacked the judge in the Kyle Rittenhouse case for chastising the rogue prosecutor after he impinged on Rittenhouse's Constitutional rights. Mob rule pushed the media and the prosecution to rush these charges instead of gathering the facts and witnesses. Now the prosecution is angling for a mistrial since their star-witness blew it. Former White House Trade Advisor, Peter Navarro, calls in to discuss his new book "In Trump Time: My Journal of America’s Plague Year." Navarro shared personal anecdotes of his years in the Trump Administration and how he witnessed the media lie by omission on various occasions including regarding the coronavirus. President Biden attempted to silence free speech by nominating Gigi Sohn to the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) to control the airwaves and destroy conservative talk radio. Sohn says she will shackle broadband providers and censor Fox News by preventing cable providers from carrying the network. If confirmed, Sohn will likely end free speech on the airwaves unless patriots speak up. Then, the ongoing investigation into the January 6th riot is the biggest investigation in U.S history, according to the Attorney General. The Democrats and never-Trump Republicans on the Congressional select-committee have now issued new subpoenas into Trump's senior team. This is nothing more than another political hit job by the Democrats with the patina of a fair oversight investigation.









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The Best of Mark Levin - 11/13/21

The Best of Mark Levin - 11/13/21

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