DiscoverMark Levin PodcastThe Best of Mark Levin - 11/20/21
The Best of Mark Levin - 11/20/21

The Best of Mark Levin - 11/20/21

Update: 2021-11-201


On the Best of Mark Levin, author Bill O'Reilly calls in to highlight the importance of his upcoming tour with former President Trump, reflecting on historical importance matters. When then-AG Eric Holder got caught running the "Fast and Furious" gun-running scandal he declined to respond to Congressional subpoenas and he was only held in contempt. Columnist Julie Kelly calls in with an update on the pretrial detention of the January 6th political prisoners. It's nonsensical to think that the FBI was not involved since the FBI had so many informants inside of these various groups. It's interesting to note that AG Garland wouldn't comment on this when questioned in Congress. Was this attack actually instigated by the feds? The prosecutors in the Kyle Rittenhouse case have become an instrument of the rioters and looters. Similarly, the U.S Department of Justice has become an agency that goes after the President of the United States and journalists like James O’Keefe. The American Marxists have conquered a significant element of our culture and these institutions that we would've thought would resist, have not. Like law enforcement and intelligence agencies, the U.S military is pushing critical race theory as part of an overall Marxist movement to propagandize. Even local institutions are being nationalized insofar as they are advancing the left's racist, ideological agenda which includes unconstitutional vaccine mandates.









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The Best of Mark Levin - 11/20/21

The Best of Mark Levin - 11/20/21

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