The Big 50!

The Big 50!

Update: 2022-01-28


Sports of Course with Paul C. Cuthbert and Robert Kuney.

It was a golden celebration for the Honchos as they celebrated 50 big showgrams with a jam-packed, economy-sized Thursday version of the usual Wednesday extravaganza. The Honchos kicked off the proceedings by reminiscing about 50 shows and talking about the winter storm coming this weekend before the “Who Wore It Best” segment, which paid tribute to Hall of Famer David Robinson who wore number 50 with the San Antonio Spurs. The opening segment concluded with the Headlines segment, in which instead of stupid criminals there were stories of stupid America.

The NFL segment featured a dizzying look at one of the most exciting playoff weekends ever and a preview of Championship Sunday. Additionally, the Honchos took some swings at the Sean Payton retirement, the handwringing and teeth-gnashing over the overtime rule, and the futures of Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers.

During the NHL/NBA/MLB segment the Honchos discussed news around the rinks that included Keith Yandle’s Iron Man streak, Drew Doughty’s 1,000th game, PK Subban, Henrik Lundquist, and the passing of Clark Gilles. After the weekly update on the Ingleside Lakers and a check of the MLB lockout, the conversation turned to the 2022 MLB Hall of Fame Class (congrats Big Papi) and the fates of Clemens, Bonds, Sosa, and Rose.

The golden delight of this 50th showgram took a bow as it normally does with the Dope of the Week. This week’s winner? Dan Snyder, owner of the Washington Redskins/WooFTskins/Football Team/Commanders/Admirals.

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The Big 50!

The Big 50!

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