DiscoverThe NPR Politics PodcastThe Biggest Political Moments Of The Decade
The Biggest Political Moments Of The Decade

The Biggest Political Moments Of The Decade

Update: 2019-12-308


What are the most notable political moments of the last decade? The NPR Politics team sits down to discuss four of their picks: the rise of the Tea Party, the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, the elimination of the filibuster for judicial appointees, and the Access Hollywood tape.

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This episode: Congressional correspondent Susan Davis, National Political Correspondent Mara Liasson, and Senior Editor and Correspondent Ron Elving.

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Redi Spades

How many times has the Republicans called out Trump for his words? Many. I was one of those who refused to vote for him in 2016. I have criticized him many times. But then I hear the disdain for Republicans in podcasts like these as you all lump all Republicans into one that gives a pass to Trump. That just isn't true. But we do see that happening on the Democrat side. Ilhan Ohmar made blatant anti-Semitic remarks and you all brushed it under the rug. Katie Hill was turned into a victim despite the gross ethic violations she did. Ralph Northam is seen in a photo with blackface and a KKK costume, and he is still there. The disdain of Mara Liasson toward Republicans in this was overwhelming evident, and that is why Republicans don't want to side with you. It isn't because we like Trump so much, it is that we are sick and tires of being smeared up and down for our faults while your faults always seems to be ignored and down played. What has been the biggest political event of the decade? The constant onslaught for our differing ideologies. We disagree, but the Dems smear and we are done with that. This whole podcast was just an attack on Republicans for the past decade while ignoring the gross errors that the Democrats did.

Jan 8th
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The Biggest Political Moments Of The Decade

The Biggest Political Moments Of The Decade