DiscoverA Date With DatelineThe Black Widow of Lomita S.28 Ep.7
The Black Widow of Lomita S.28 Ep.7

The Black Widow of Lomita S.28 Ep.7

Update: 2019-11-143


Dateline is once again taking us on a trip around the world! International treasure, Keith Morrison journeys between Southern California and Manila to untangle a web of evil spun by a black widow hair stylist named Lola. There are multiple attempted murders, multiple actual murders, crimes of the heart, crimes of the hair and K & K discuss the biggest crime of them all...committed on unsuspecting airplane travelers across the globe every day. What happens when karma finally catches up in the biggest way? What precautions do you take when meeting a possibly evil twin named "Randrew"? And what in the world is your grandma hiding in her beehive? Tray tables up, folks for a case filled with so many twists and turns you may want to strap in- it's THE BLACK WIDOW OF LOMITA.

Official Description from NBCU: A California woman eludes police after both of her husbands are found murdered nearly 20 years apart. Until fate catches up with her. Keith Morrison reports.

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The Black Widow of Lomita S.28 Ep.7

The Black Widow of Lomita S.28 Ep.7

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