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The Black voters disappointed in Biden

The Black voters disappointed in Biden

Update: 2021-10-122


The “benefit of the doubt” portion of Joe Biden’s presidency is over. His poll numbers are down, especially among Black voters. Today on the show, we return to some of the voters we talked to in Georgia during the state’s runoff election and hear how they’re feeling now.

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A little over nine months into Joe Biden’s presidency, the infrastructure bill is languishing in Congress and his poll numbers have fallen, especially among key Democratic constituencies, including Black Americans. We’re still a year away from the midterms, but it made reporter Cleve Wootson wonder: Are the same people who worked so hard to turn Georgia blue in 2020 willing to do it again?

“If midterms are about enthusiasm and turnout, who do you think is excited to vote on November 2 at this moment?” said Nsé Ufot, chief executive of the New Georgia Project, which has registered more than a half-million voters. “Because it ain’t Democrats. It ain’t Black folks. It ain’t young people.”

Today on Post Reports, we revisit Georgia.

Listen here to our episode from December ahead of the two Senate runoffs in Georgia.

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Philly Burbs

Obama was POTUS for 8 years. How much did he get done? Considering the climate, Afghanistan, COVID, Trump & his slow moving coup, talking about your upset with Biden is like hearing a kid complain that his out of work parents would didn't deliver that Christmas bike they promised. Biden should have never won.

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The Black voters disappointed in Biden

The Black voters disappointed in Biden

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