The Box S.28 Ep.5

The Box S.28 Ep.5

Update: 2019-11-193


WHAT’S IN THE BOXXXXX???? What is uncovered might surprise you. It’s a head… of broccoli. The first ever broccoli to solve a MURDER, the first to rise above its non-murder solving cauliflower friends. That is why the K&K best detectives agency will be henceforth known as the Marsha Marshburn, Nick Webb, and Broccoli Detective Agency. Oh, also in this episode? No big deal. Just the world beloved Keith Morrison, a new favorite suspect ever and the most EXTRA arresting scene in Dateline history. Grab your Walmart receipts, comb out that power mustache, and remember to eat your veggies- It's time for a double size serving of A Date with Dateline! Now with extra cheesy sauce! (No, the alternative titles aren't that cheesy... well, maybe...)

Official Description from NBCU: Years after a Montana man is found dead, his son dreads what he’ll find when he opens up the box of case files, giving him insight into what really happened. Keith Morrison reports tonight.

This episode is dedicated to long time wonderful Patronus Mary M! Thank you so much for all or your loyalty and support!!! And thank you to all our Patroni who give us the ability to keep this show going each week! You can join them at! 

And please check out, if for some reason you haven’t already, the podcast from our promo this week, Murderish, hosted by Jami Rice!

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The Box S.28 Ep.5

The Box S.28 Ep.5

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