DiscoverThe Madness of ChartruleanThe Burden of Doubt | S1.E08
The Burden of Doubt | S1.E08

The Burden of Doubt | S1.E08

Update: 2022-10-27


Yoba confronts Chartrulean about his passive behavior with the Starbringers. Josquin puts on a show for not being invited to the banquet. Chartrulean finds himself on uncertain terms with his protege while grappling with the implications of losing his “superman.”

Content warning: Physical altercation, spooky layered voices, loud noises

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Aud Andrews as Chartrulean

Magnus Carlssen as King Starbringer

Christian Collado as Havelion

Angela LaRocca Hochman as Cythaelia

Kathleen Klein as Princess Sophrosyne Starbringer

Heath Martin as Loam and Captain of the Guard

Adam Neill as Chamberlain Yoba

Karl Nordman as Ambassador Grobien

Kennedy Phillips as Ambassador Drechen

Abraham Shaw as Josquin

Danielle Yonkers as Prince Imsep Starbringer


Israel Omodi as Abruc

Josh Portillo as Quay

Kieran Regan as Corbin

And featuring the voices of

Margaret Ashley as Boethema Nurse

Jacob Bachman as Boethema Child

Claire Bachman as Boethema Child

Megan Bernasco as Dua 642

Morrison James as Wak Hawk #3

Larry Oliver as War Hawk #1

Bradley Gareth as council member Bralter Gest

Narrated by Michael de la Mancha


Written and Produced by H.M. Radcliff

Original score by Sean Renner, performed by Sean Renner and the Invoke String Quartet

Sound design by H.M Radcliff and Will Fox

Mix by Edward Calvey, and H.M. Radcliff

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The Burden of Doubt | S1.E08

The Burden of Doubt | S1.E08

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