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The Call of God on Your Life with Jarred Turner

The Call of God on Your Life with Jarred Turner

Update: 2024-03-01


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**Title:** The Call of God on Your Life with Campus Pastor Jarred Turner

**Podcast Summary:**

Today’s episode featured Rev. Jared Turner, campus pastor at Indiana Bible College (IBC), who shared invaluable insights on discerning the call of God for young ministers. With his extensive experience mentoring youth and his deep spiritual background, Rev. Turner provided a comprehensive guide for those feeling the pull towards ministry.

**Key Insights:**

1. **Understanding the Call:**
   - Rev. Turner emphasized that every Christian has a role in God’s kingdom, not just to attend church but to actively engage in God's work. However, there's a distinct calling for those meant to lead congregations and preach the word of God. This calling, akin to the biblical prophets, is characterized by a direct, undeniable pull to preach and teach God's word.

2. **The Primacy of Preaching:**
   - Preaching is central to the ministry, differentiating it from other forms of Christian service. Those called to preach will feel a compulsion to share God's word, different from simply teaching Bible studies or participating in music ministries. This compulsion is a hallmark of those destined for pastoral roles or other positions within the fivefold ministry.

3. **Dealing with Ambition:**
   - Turner warned against pursuing ministry out of ambition for recognition or platform. True calling should not be confused with a desire for fame or attention. The motivation to serve should stem from a divine directive rather than personal gain, ensuring the purity and authenticity of one’s ministerial intentions.

4. **Practical Steps Post-Calling:**
   - For those who have affirmed their calling, Rev. Turner advised keeping the matter confidential, initially only sharing with one’s pastor or close, spiritually mature family members to avoid premature exposure and to maintain humility. He also emphasized the importance of immersing oneself in scripture, not for sermon preparation but for personal growth and alignment with God’s word.

5. **Service and Preparation:**
   - Being called to ministry involves readiness to serve in any capacity within the church, demonstrating a servant’s heart irrespective of the task’s glamour or visibility. Turner's personal anecdotes highlighted that those truly called will find fulfillment and confirmation in serving, which often opens further doors in ministry.


Rev. Jared Turner’s discussion provides a clear pathway for young ministers trying to discern or confirm their call to ministry. His emphasis on the seriousness of this calling, coupled with practical advice for nurturing and confirming one's divine purpose, offers a valuable roadmap for spiritual development and service.









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The Call of God on Your Life with Jarred Turner

The Call of God on Your Life with Jarred Turner

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