The Camel (S2E9)

The Camel (S2E9)

Update: 2021-12-21


Come one come all to Pawnee! Today Rob and Alan congregate to watch the ninth episode of season 2! In “The Camel” Leslie and the Parks Department compete to come up with a new mural design. On today’s episode you’ll hear about the unearned confidence of Sewage Joe, the difference between bottle-episodes and a story-driven arc, and how the B story came about from a delirious night of writing!
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The Pawnee council decides it will replace the town hall's "Spirit of Pawnee" mural, due to its racist overtones. When each Pawnee department is asked to propose a new mural, Leslie becomes determined for the parks department to win. Everyone in the parks department is told to come up with a possible mural, and they each vote for their own artwork. As a compromise, Leslie creates a mural using pieces of everybody's artwork, but the result is a confusing mess. While all of this is happening Ron starts visiting Andy who is now the Pawnee shoe-shiner. Ron is impressed when Andy eases the pain from his bunion, and after a couple visits, makes an involuntary sexual moan. They both decide to pretend it never happened. Mark draws a boring sketch of an old man feeding pigeons in the park—knowing it will have mass appeal. Nobody in the parks department likes it except Ron, but Leslie insists on entering it so they will win. Leslie sees how much fun other departments had in making their mural, and she decides to enter the parks department's original mural after all. The town decides not to spend any money on a new mural and simply renames the old one "The Diversity Express". The parks department, proud of their work, hang their mural in the conference room; and Ron hangs Mark's sketch in his office.

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The Camel (S2E9)

The Camel (S2E9)

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