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The Captain Maniac Show Ep 249

The Captain Maniac Show Ep 249

Update: 2019-03-03



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The Captain Maniac Show Ep 249 (British Blues Volume 11)



It’s been a long while since we’ve done a British Blues show, so here we go with Volume 11, this week entitled “Looking Back” (mainly because the John Mayall song with that title is the first track heard!).

When I was growing up, the first blues music I heard was not the Chicago blues or that of Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson or BB King; nope, the first blues tunes to which I was exposed was reconstituted and regurgitated and came by way of England, so John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers, Ten Years After, the REAL Fleetwood Mac, Savoy Brown and others were part of my musical upbringing. Thankfully, these artists pointed the way to the originals! I Woke Up This Morning!


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Styles: British Blues, Blues, Classic Rock, Rock, Oldies


Enjoy !!!!!

1 John Mayall - Looking Back

2 Livin Blues - Crazy Woman

3 Livin Blues - You're A Stranger

4 Sensational Alex Harvey Band - Buff's Bar Blues

5 Taste - Eat My Words

6 Ten Years After - Bad Scene

7 9 Below Zero - Ain’t Comin’ Back

8 Killing Floor - Son Of Wet

9 Free - Worry

10 Fleetwood Mac - Jumping At Shadows

11 Fleetwood Mac - Searching For Madge

12 John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers - Double Crossing Time

13 Keef Hartley - Think it Over

14 Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation - See See Baby

15 Leaf Hound - Too Many Rock'n'Roll Times

16 Black Cat Bones - Coming Back

17 Fanny Adams - Ain't No Loving Left

18 Hokus Poke - H.P. Boogie

19 Medicine Head - Epitaph Blues

20 Groundhogs - B.D.D.

21 Taste - Catfish

22 Ten Years After - I Woke Up This Morning

23 Savoy Brown - May Be Wrong

24 Cream - Steppin' Out (BBC Sessions)

25 Humble Pie - Rollin' Stone

26 Chicken Shack - Telling Your Fortune

27 Pretty Things - We'll Be Together

28 Colosseum - Debut

29 Stan Freberg Outro
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The Captain Maniac Show Ep 249

The Captain Maniac Show Ep 249

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