DiscoverThe Color of Wine PodcastThe Color of Wine Presents: Dr. Dawna Darjean Jones
The Color of Wine Presents: Dr. Dawna Darjean Jones

The Color of Wine Presents: Dr. Dawna Darjean Jones

Update: 2017-10-25


As a Louisiana native, the love of good food and drink is coded in Dr. Dawna Darjean Jones’ DNA. It is as much a part of her winemaking journey as her early experiences in Napa Valley as a plant pathologist working on diseases of wine grapes. Experiencing Napa Valley first as a research scientist helped to formulate her deep respect and appreciation for vineyards and the abundant wealth of grape varieties sown on those diverse soils. Although Dr. Jones’ focus in the early years was on the plant diseases that affected wine grapes, she later developed a new kinship with winemaking. This adventure in winemaking was born of her personal quest for true “joie de vivre,” joy of living!  Following employment with the United States government as first a plant bacteriologist and later a national security analyst, Dawna sourced grapes for her first vintage, a Napa Valley Merlot, in 2010. Darjean Jones Wines is the culmination of an enduring affair with wine, fermentation science and the microbes responsible for the magic. Darjean Jones award winning wines are spirited, adventurous and possess a charisma that will seduce wine lovers of all kinds. It is a small family owned winery specializing in boutique wines from California’s most acclaimed growing regions. The objective at Darjean Jones is to produce wine that imbibes the essence of the quintessential California vintage with a uniqueness of character only achieved through artisanal winemaking.  Darjean Jones wines are produced in small lots with epic intention…“joie de vivre,” joy of living! The support and fearless encouragement of her husband, Dr. Chauncey Jones, completes her circle. The Jones’ travel to Napa, California often to nurture their current wine vintages, but make their primary home in Houston, Texas with their two children Chase and Ava. The best odysseys in life involve seemingly purposeful wandering to a most unexpected and glorious destination. At some point, if we are lucky, we allow our moments in life to merge equaling the entirety of who we are. Dr. Dawna Darjean Jones is a proud alum of the University of California Davis (Ph.D., 2004) and Southern University and A&M College in Baton Rouge, Louisiana (B.S., 1997). For More Information: www.darjeanjoneswines Facebook, Instagram and Twitter: @darjeanjoneswines Damien Escobar: Bordeaux, France:
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The Color of Wine Presents: Dr. Dawna Darjean Jones

The Color of Wine Presents: Dr. Dawna Darjean Jones