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The Core Web Vitals Interview

The Core Web Vitals Interview

Update: 2021-03-031


Ciaran talk's to Jon Henshaw about 'Core Web Vitals,' Google's favourite new way to measure website performance and user experience. Come May 2021 these metrics will soon influence Google's search algorithm. Learn what Core Web vitals are, why they matter, and how you can measure up your own website to see how it performs using .  As the founder of Raven Tools and an expert SEO practitioner, Jon Henshaw is an excellent guide on why this new bunch of measurements matter. Jon has a whole host of ideas and suggestions that can help you to prepare for Google's anxiously anticipated search algorithm update. Listen in and learn what you can do to improve how your site might perform after this 'core web vitals' search algorithm update. Jon also shares with us why he has gone from disliking Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) to embracing the format as a useful feature rich toolset. If you work with a large team of Developers, AMP can help ensure your website stays fast and efficient no matter who is working on it. There are other ways to speed things up and improve, but these won't necessarily stay in place as the site evolves. Listen in for Jon's top tips and resources for making AMP work or taking an alternative non AMP approach to a faster, better website experience. Useful Links Visit  and see how your website or those of your competitors stack up to Googles New Core Web Metrics measurements. And for those of you who, like Ciaran, were wondering… it turns out Kludgy is a word! Who knew ;-)








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The Core Web Vitals Interview

The Core Web Vitals Interview

Jon Henshaw & Ciaran Rogers