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The Coronavirus Goes Global

The Coronavirus Goes Global

Update: 2020-02-27132


What began as a public health crisis in China is well on the way to becoming a pandemic. And while there is a lot of news about the coronavirus, there is also a lack of understanding about the severity of the threat. As officials warn of a potential outbreak in the U.S., we ask: How bad could the coronavirus get? Guest: Donald G. McNeil Jr., a science and health reporter for The New York Times. For more information on today’s episode, visit 

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Rose Karamelz

Stay away from ppl in any occasion. Cuz when you are isolated, virus can come from no where.

Mar 10th

Sandra Fliegelman

I've been looking for a transcript of this - does anyone know where I can find one?

Mar 2nd
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Joan Heelan

The Daily is usually a terrific podcast. This was like something the National Enquirer would publish. Completely reckless reporting. What were you thinking? People are stressed enough without these unhelpful doomsday predictions.

Mar 1st

amir shabani

Iran going destroy

Feb 28th

Submarine Jack

Never heard this pod before but I like the way the host interviews.

Feb 27th
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Platonis Aphsis

I think I'm good. im not worried about this mainly because I like to be secluded and prefer not to be around people. also I have a really powerful immune system, if it were Ebola that went world wide I would then watch out due to the fact it attacks the immune system first but otherwise this is nothing more than a joke and only people that have weak immune systems should worry about it.

Feb 27th


he says not to stock up on food or do anything to prepare except to “prepare mentally” for the changes that the virus could bring. for example, grocery stores could run low on food. ah yes, if we all just mentally prepare hard enough, the coronavirus won’t hit as hard.

Feb 27th
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The Coronavirus Goes Global

The Coronavirus Goes Global