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The Culture Of Acting with Tony Knight

The Culture Of Acting with Tony Knight

Update: 2022-09-14


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Episode 9 with Tony Knight. Educated at Sydney Grammar School, trained at the Drama Centre in London and earned a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) from Sydney University. 

He was a long time teacher at Australia's National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) where he was also the Head Of Acting for from 1992 to 2011 where he trained some of Australia's favorite actors including Cate Blanchett, Sam Worthington, Jacqueline MacKenzie and Miranda Otto to name a few. 

He has traveled the world both personally and as a teacher, taking his wisdom to many lectures and conferences.  

Now based in Adelaide, which is fortunate for us, he continues to educate actors both through regular training opportunities with many local agencies including Angela Heesom casting, Type Talent Drama, The Actor’s Studio and many others. 

He continues his love of stage as a co-producer and Director of Starc Productions and on top of all of this he is currently completing a PHD at Flinder’s University on Richard Burbage: Shakespeare’s Actor and the art of “Personation”. 

In this wonderfully insightful episode, we talk about stage acting and screen acting, do you need both how you can switch between both or come back later, regardless of your where you are in your career.

We discuss the benefits of theatre acting, how it can teach you as an actor to know 'styles' and how that can improve you as an actor in all forms. This leads us to discussing how to 'play the moment' in scenes, to make it real and why it's necessary to give yourself permission to 'play'. 

And we have a strong discussion on how honoring the history of your country and land, especially your local area effects your art and the stories you tell as an actor.

If you're keen on training with Tony, he is a lecturer at several Adelaide Schools and also does some online workshops. Just check him out on Google or LinkedIn for updates.

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The Culture Of Acting with Tony Knight

The Culture Of Acting with Tony Knight

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