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The Curious Case of the Vanishing Jockeys

The Curious Case of the Vanishing Jockeys

Update: 2019-11-02


It seems the Australian cricket team coaching staff believe the future of pace bowling lies in being able to bowl backwards whilst sitting down considering the latest training regiment involves rowing. Mitch Starc isn’t happy and we can understand why.

The boys are happy to see the normally timid and well-mannered Paul Gallen employing grubbery tactics leading up to his Clash of the Codes fight. Nick-naming Barry Hall noodles is inspired and a tactic that is sure to garner a meek and subdued response from Barry.

The experts are at it again! This time they’ve used their immaculate judgement to not rank The Melbourne Cup among the top 100 horse races in the world. The boys aren’t having a bar of that and want the Border Force to investigate immediately!

Speaking of, thanks to you listeners, Mick Fuller’s Horse Force is taking shape. So much so that we think the Australian Border Force need to step back and relinquish their duties when it comes to travelling punters from overseas. 

Top of Horse Force’s priorities though must be, has to be, can’t be anything other than investigating the alarmingly high cases of former jockeys going missing. 

Over the last decade, thousands of former jockeys have simply vanished and HG suspects dark forces are at play. Do we need to dig up every race-track in Australia to get to the bottom of this? Well that will be a matter for the Horse Force to decide.

In what has to be one of the most outrageous decisions of 2019, speed racing fans were blindsided by the NSW government’s decision to demolish Sydney Speedway to make way for a train stabling yard of all things. The boys have seriously difficulty digesting this news. Do trains honestly need a place to have sleepover parties? Honestly!

And the NRL have finally caught up to what’s been Roy & HG’s position for years - that rugby league is in the entertainment industry, not the sporting industry. New boss Peter V’landys has acknowledged this which makes us excited for what could be ahead in rugby league. A 24 hour NRL entertainment channel surely with shows such as Winger Wants a Wife and Bring on The Burgess Brothers.

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The Curious Case of the Vanishing Jockeys

The Curious Case of the Vanishing Jockeys

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