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The Day I Changed My Life

The Day I Changed My Life

Update: 2019-10-08


Episode 11 of Season 3

In today’s episode I am interviewing Monica Rivera who is a proud Latina from The Bronx. Monica left Corporate America after a successful 15-year career in marketing, and is now the proud owner of the podcast, “You Wanna Do What?” and a Personal Development Coach.

As Monica shares her story, we learn that she lost all passion in her marketing career. It became evident while sitting in a job interview during yet another reorganization that this was no longer the life for her. After transitioning through reorganization after reorganization she soon found herself further and further away from what she really wanted to be doing. “When you work for someone else you lose all control over your career.”

The turning point in her life came when she realized that doors were not opening for her. She was in the middle of a bad relationship and being out of sorts in her personal life was spilling over into her professional life. Having a Type-A Personality, Monica always had detailed plans for the years of her life, but at this time, she could not tell you the plans for the upcoming months. She knew that she had to make a change, and this is when her podcast was born.

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Kimberly McLemore

Hello Shaniece M Wise this was an excellent show with Monica. I really enjoy listening and supporting my fellow Podcasters. Monica you rock and it would be a pleasure to meet and learn from you😊 Kimberly McLemore

Oct 20th
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The Day I Changed My Life

The Day I Changed My Life

Shaniece M. Wise