DiscoverThe Generation Why PodcastThe Death of Tamla Horsford - 466
The Death of Tamla Horsford - 466

The Death of Tamla Horsford - 466

Update: 2022-05-0216


November 3rd, 2018. Forsyth County, Georgia. Tamla Horsford attended a party where she was the only black person among a group of white people. Tamla was found dead in the homeowner’s yard on the morning of November 4th. From the beginning, the police treated her death like an accident, but crime scene evidence, details of the party, and police conduct indicate there may be more to the story.

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Comments (4)

BBnerd BL

what a shameful this is, this should be banned as these racist have equal rights to all persons . Police should act according to law click here to find out more to these stories.

Jun 14th

Anthony Hoggard

Glad they're covering this case, as there's something really fishy about the way this was investigated. The witness statements are a mess and once again, CCTV/camera's leave us with more questions, than answers.x

May 3rd


I love you two but come on! The cops could've asked the guest about Tamla smoking marijuana, then said, "Was anyone else smoking marijuana ?". They would reply no, if they did not smoke. It seems like you are trying to make this a black/white thing because it is in the south. That would be very presumptuous of me to think, which us exactly where you took the statements of the other people at the house. There is no mention thar they are being interviewed by police, whom ask TONS of questions. This episode is very slanted this week. Had to quit listening and I didn't want to quit. I am a loyal listener....also, zanax and alcohol can kill you. I am a recovering alcoholic, I fell constantly when I was less drunk than her. Ya'll needed to do more research on the effects of alcohol and Brazos. I got admitted to the hospital when I was drunk and alone one time. I had so many bruises, they actually admitted me because they were afraid I would die. Also, she could have gotten the injuries before she fell....right?

May 2nd

Jennifer Hutchison

the phone messages are racist, shameful & beyond unprofessional! who does such a thing!?

May 2nd
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The Death of Tamla Horsford - 466

The Death of Tamla Horsford - 466