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The Debate Over Critical Race Theory

The Debate Over Critical Race Theory

Update: 2021-07-029


In Loudoun County, Va., a fierce debate has been raging for months inside normally sleepy school board meetings.

At the heart of this anger is critical race theory, a once obscure academic framework for understanding racism in the United States.

How, exactly, did critical race theory enter American public life, and what does this debate look like on the ground?

Guest: Trip Gabriel, a national correspondent for The New York Times. 

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Haley B

This episode is really twisting the demographics of Loundon county to make it seem as if there has been a sudden shift in the area. It's a liberal county with high income educated people. It's been blue for 20 years and these aren't a bunch of yolkels.

Jul 11th

Jack Boller

Conservatives are fine with discussing racism and racen teaching history is fine also. Fabricating + teaching a destructive and divisive ideology completely based on disparity of outcomes (equity) vs. Equality of opportunity is designed to destroy society. We don't indoctrinate our children into KKK ideology, nor do we indoctrinate our kids into Nazi ideology, so neither should we infect our children with CRT hateful, racist ideology.

Jul 9th

Ronit Ramdam BK

Anti racism is also racism...

Jul 2nd
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The Debate Over Critical Race Theory

The Debate Over Critical Race Theory

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