DiscoverThe Night Owl: True Ghost StoriesThe Demons That Haunt Us - Part III
The Demons That Haunt Us - Part III

The Demons That Haunt Us - Part III

Update: 2022-11-281


A single mother, Luna,  along with her teenage son Finn and young daughter Shiloh had to recently flee their home due to unsettling activity in their home. Unable to afford staying in a hotel for an extended amount of time, the family has since returned to their residence. However, they now live in fear that, whatever’s been tormenting them the past seven years, is going to strengthen its attacks against them.  In part I of this series, in an interview with Luna, she recounted in detail the plethora of unusual phenomena the family were experiencing.  Phantom putrid odors, knocking on the walls, shadow figures, full bodied apparitions,, and even physical attacks such as scratch marks and people being thrown. These attacks however seemed to be focused around Finn, Luna’s teenage son. Turning their attention to Finn, Stephen and Occult Specialist Alexis had a theory that he possibly possessed some level of psychic ability and could be a reason activity was ramping up in the home. In Part II of this series, through a more in depth interview with Finn, they not only got further validation of his mother’s experiences, but also learned of new activity in new areas of the home that was concerning. Most notably, voices that Finn and his sister Shiloh had heard and without knowing, both described the sound of the voices as “plotting”. Stephen and Alexis believed that the families action to demolish the hallway bathroom, what they believed to be a hot spot for the paranormal activity, may have just displaced whatever was there, and could potentially have aggravated it. The conversation with Finn regarding the incident in Shoal Creek where he witnessed a young boy's death and the spirit of Bryan who seemed to follow him after his event, further solidified their theory that Finn very likely possessed some level of psychic ability. Now that they'd gathered as much information they could through interviews, it was time to visit the home and do a full investigation. Join Stephen as he brings team members Alexis, Franklyn and psychic friend Sara to try and determine what is really tormenting this family and if there’s any way they could possibly help them feel safe in their own home again.

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The Demons That Haunt Us - Part III

The Demons That Haunt Us - Part III

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