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The Devil and Bobbi Parker

The Devil and Bobbi Parker

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In this Dateline classic, convicted murderer Randolph Dial escapes from prison on a hot summer day in 1994, taking the deputy warden’s wife with him. But was she a kidnapped hostage or a willing accomplice? Edie Magnus reports. Originally aired on NBC on September 21, 2012.

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I don’t believe Bonnie one minute. I don’t get how she didn’t even ask for help from the people’s she work for. She had many opportunities to seek help it wasn’t like she was chain and lock in the basement or room and can’t get out. She was able to roam freely.

Apr 9th


another stupid jury. 🙄 and how many men were part of railroading this woman. jeebus

Apr 2nd
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The Everyday Bombshell

I'm not ok with the warden commiting the same crime this woman was accused if and only she was prosecuted. The warden ignored a psychological report on the guy putting this woman in danger and then on top of that didn't turn in info that could have led to the arrest of this man...he is culpable of the exact same thing that she was prosecuted for. So they prosecute a woman who the criminal himself said hundreds of times is not guilty, that he alone was guilty of the crime... but not the man in charge who allowed all of this to happen who admits he chose not to give important information to the police that could have led to an earlier arrest on this man by 7 years? If you prosecute her, you don't think the warden was just as guilty, and should be prosecuted for keeping information rhat could have caught him sooner because and I quote "He was living a crime free life at the time". Who is he to decide that. Think about it... if she is telling the truth he allowed her to be continuously abused by not doing his duty TWICE. This was sexism. People didn't understand how a woman could be away from her children and prosecuted her for that SUPPOSITION.. But they KNEW the warden didn't do his duty TWICE and he was not prosecuted. This was BULLSHIT.

Apr 1st

Ashley Mendoza

she is so guilty! I feel bad for her husband and children. nobody writes love letters to their "captors" she is pathetic.

Apr 1st


That warden had 2 tips and didn't report them because they hadn't broken any laws since he escaped. Sorry warden, your job isn't to pass judgement. He was convicted of murder and still had time to serve.

Mar 31st
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10 years and she never had a chance to call someone other than the 3 people she called. Or when he was hospitalized with a heart attack? Sorry, I'm not buying what your selling.

Mar 31st
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The Devil and Bobbi Parker

The Devil and Bobbi Parker

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