DiscoverA Date With DatelineThe Devil in Disguise S.23 Ep.58
The Devil in Disguise S.23 Ep.58

The Devil in Disguise S.23 Ep.58

Update: 2019-08-082


Josh Mankiewicz of reporting and pocket square fame returns to our screens with devils, angels, angel gates, devils disguised as angels, people who have angel in their name and of course, his classic devilish smirk. Highlights of this episode include some very bad botany, another big red flag life insurance policy, a wife making mysterious milkshakes for her unsuspecting husband and some of the worse penmanship on Dateline to date! While recapping the case- Kimberly and Katie decide to finally put their useless knowledge to some good use in service for the Dateline community, Kimberly reveals her inner “Samantha” with a surprising gesture and Katie is determined to make it “Big” with a few product ideas that absolutely no one asked for. Please grab a factory sealed drink and enjoy this very, very, very, very special episode of A Date with Dateline! Howboudat.

Official Description from NBCU: An ex-Navy man marries the love of his life. Five months later, his new bride finds him dead on their bedroom floor leaving family and authorities puzzled. Josh Mankiewicz reports.

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The Devil in Disguise S.23 Ep.58

The Devil in Disguise S.23 Ep.58

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