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The Disappearance of Jessica O'Grady

The Disappearance of Jessica O'Grady

Update: 2019-07-098


When 19-year old Jessica O’Grady stopped answering her phone on May 11, 2006, her friends and family worried.  She had left to see her boyfriend late the night before and hadn’t been seen since.

Jessica had recently found out that she was pregnant.  Her boyfriend, Chris Edwards, had another girlfriend, Michelle, who was also pregnant.  Still, Jessica was optimistic.  She loved Chris and wanted to have a family with him.  What she didn’t know was that, to Chris, Jessica was just a fling.  He planned to marry Michelle.  And he didn’t have the resources or the desire to support two children from two different mothers.  Besides, if Michelle found out about Jessica, she might leave him.

As we know, the leading cause of death for a pregnant woman is murder by the father of her unborn child.  As time passed with no sign of her, it seemed possible that Chris had done something to Jessica.  Chris denied seeing Jessica on the night of May 10th, but circumstantial evidence led investigators to Chris’ front door. What they found there was disturbing, but was it enough to prove his guilt?

Join us today at the quiet end for a missing person’s case that turned into what is known as a "no-body case": The Disappearance of Jessica O’Grady.

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Comments (2)

John Tarpley

Good podcast this week. Thanks for bringing these cases to light.

Jul 10th

Amanda Williams

all this talk about the bloody mattress, I googled the case and there's crime scene photos online. the "she started her period while having sex"...lmao it looks like a dear was harvested on the damn bed. is this kid retarded??

Jul 9th








The Disappearance of Jessica O'Grady

The Disappearance of Jessica O'Grady

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