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The Doctors of Gaza

The Doctors of Gaza

Update: 2023-11-1313


Warning: This episode contains descriptions of injuries and death.

As Israel’s war on Hamas enters its sixth week, hospitals in Gaza have found themselves on the front lines. Hospitals have become a refuge for the growing number of civilians fleeing the violence, but one that has become increasingly dangerous as Israel’s military targets what it says are Hamas fighters hiding inside and beneath them.

Today, three doctors working in the Gaza Strip describe what the war looks like from inside their hospitals and what they are doing to keep up with the flood of patients.

Guests: Dr. Ghassan Abu-Sittah, Dr. Suhaib Alhamss and Dr. Ebraheem Matar, three doctors working in the Gaza Strip.

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E. Kaaff

The level of irresponsibility and unaccountability of Israel is always extraordinary. He targets UN schools, journalists, Red Cross staff and hospitals, rejects the General Assembly's statement and the Security Council's resolution, and offers the UN Secretary General to resign. After a direct attack on a hospital, showing a few pieces of military uniform and cartridges and a handwritten list is enough to justify his operation.

Nov 20th
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Sabrina, Is it really a war on Hamas when Israel’s crimes are disproportionately affecting innocent Palestinians? How many Hamas members are killed? I’m sure they’re nowhere near 11,000? Israel wants to annihilate Palestinians. They want Gaza completely gone. Hamas is just their scapegoat and it’s time to hold you journalists responsible.

Nov 13th








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The Doctors of Gaza

The Doctors of Gaza

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