DiscoverDogman Encounters RadioThe Dogman Forest! - Dogman Encounters Episode 431 (Part 1)
The Dogman Forest! - Dogman Encounters Episode 431 (Part 1)

The Dogman Forest! - Dogman Encounters Episode 431 (Part 1)

Update: 2022-10-22


One of tonight’s guests, Shawn, has worked as an archaeologist for over 15 years, in densely forested areas. In that time, he’s worked in some pretty unusual places and has experienced his fair share of unusual things. One of the most unusual places he’s been, though, is a place he and his daughter, Maya, call the Dogman Forest. You see the sightings and experiences Shawn and Maya are going to talk about, on tonight’s show, didn’t happen while Shawn was doing archaeological work. They happened over the course of two weeks, while they were helping a friend with farm work, in West Virginia, on her farm. If you listen to Shawn and Maya, talk about the experiences they had over that two-week span, you’ll understand why they gave the forest that appellation.

Tonight's show is part 1 of a 2-part show. As you listen to Shawn and Maya chronicle what they experienced, starting with the 1st day and night they were there, you'll notice how things started ramping up. The strange things they experienced were pretty mild and then, the Dogmen there made their presence known.

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The Dogman Forest! - Dogman Encounters Episode 431 (Part 1)

The Dogman Forest! - Dogman Encounters Episode 431 (Part 1)

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