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The Elephant in the Boardroom: Executive Addiction

The Elephant in the Boardroom: Executive Addiction

Update: 2021-12-01


In the professional business world, it is estimated that as much as 11.4% of global executives have a dependency issue. In the corporate world, this problem is often ignored or poorly managed. Recognizing and dealing with the dependency of a leader is extremely difficult as most of these individuals may have little or no direct supervision, and often have dedicated employees in their circles that will do anything to protect his or her image. However, the erratic behaviors associated with addiction will inevitably become painfully evident both for the leader and the organization. Decision making suffers, judgment is compromised and behavior tends to fluctuate. The corporation itself will begin to reflect these same issues. This problem hits home for many of us who may know someone, or have experienced this issue in our our personal world.

Professional addiction is one of the most untreated treatable problems. Executive Recovery Coaches, Kylie Butler and Sophie Aghdami, are co-founders of From Here On, a coaching practice that offers ‘at home’ rehab programs specifically designed for executives. With extensive experience in the corporate world, they both have a deep understanding of the pitfalls and pain points that come with that lifestyle, and are on a mission to help others.

Kylie currently lives in Bali, and is an Executive Recovery Coach and has been working in the recovery space for several years. She is in recovery from alcoholism with a personal recovery journey spanning the last ten years. During her 15+ year Human Resources career she held a number of senior leadership roles including Head of People & Culture and Talent Director. Her experience spans Training and Development to Generalist HR and her expertise is understanding how to inspire and engage people.

Kylie has always had a deep interest in understanding people’s psychological drivers and has spent many years studying and attending workshops to better understand the human mind. Kylie is a trained coach and has paired continual academic study with the study of Buddhist philosophy and meditation. Most recently she’s studied Complex Psychological Trauma under Dr Reshie Joseph and gained accreditation as a certified Recovery Coach. Kylie started her first Business Consulting and Career Coaching business 7 years ago. She also dedicates a significant portion of her week to recovery service and Aid work, recently co-founding an Aid project in Bali.

Sophie is from Australia, ans is passionate about helping others strengthen and maintain long-term recovery, after overcoming her own challenges with ‘highly functioning’ addiction,. During her prior 12+ year marketing career with world-class brands like the Royal Albert Hall in London, and Heston Blumenthal’s restaurant group in the UK, she held a number of senior leadership roles and an executive board position.

Sophie uses her personal transformative experiences to help others encounter long term, rewarding personal growth and life satisfaction 'on the other side’ of addiction. Her coaching method includes evidence-based psychological and behaviour change methods, and neuroscience. She does not ascribe to one particular pathway – her approach honours individuality and tailors sessions using a range of strategies for the best outcomes. Sophie is an ICR accredited coach and bolsters her continued academic learning of addiction with the study of yoga philosophy.

Kylie and Sophie join Rich and Maikel on this very important episode of Mainline Executive Coaching ACT.
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The Elephant in the Boardroom: Executive Addiction

The Elephant in the Boardroom: Executive Addiction

Rich Baron and Maikel Bailey