DiscoverTrump, Inc.The Emolument Suit Against Trump That Is Moving Ahead
The Emolument Suit Against Trump That Is Moving Ahead

The Emolument Suit Against Trump That Is Moving Ahead

Update: 2018-11-1411


There’s lots of talk about congressional investigations of the Trump administration that may be coming. Meanwhile, there is already a push to pull back the veil on the president’s conflicts. And it’s making progress.

This month, a federal judge ruled that Maryland and Washington, D.C., can move ahead with a lawsuit claiming the president has violated the Constitution’s Emoluments Clause, which bars presidents from accepting payments from foreign and state governments without congressional approval. That means the president may soon have to turn over all sorts of documents related to his businesses.  

We spoke about the case with one of the lawyers behind it, District of Columbia Attorney General Karl Racine.

Racine explains that the Emoluments Clause is the “country's first anticorruption law.” The framers created it to “ensure that a president the United States as well as other federal officers would be loyal to the interest of the United States, not to their purses or to their pocketbooks.”  

The Department of Justice has fought the case, disputing that the president is violating the Emoluments Clause. “This case, which should have been dismissed, presents important questions that warrant immediate appellate review,” a department spokesman said after the judge’s order.

Racine also talked with us about what exact documents they’re hoping to get, and the time a Republican Congress investigated whether another president was receiving emoluments. (He wasn’t.) 

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Scott McWilliams

I appreciate your passion for finding the wrong doing of the current president. where was this podcast or info on the last president. government is corrupt on both sides.

Dec 9th

Nonya Bizness

Scott McWilliams by your logic, if i rob wf bank, an institution has recent, documented corruption, no harm no foul, right?

Dec 25th

Gee Whiz

Scott McWilliams Ah yes, there's that "both sides" tactic again—a favorite of the BLOTUS. Let's remember that only ONE SIDE murdered an American in Charlottesville on 12 August 2017. A list of Obama corruption would be LAUGHABLE when put beside a list of Trump corruption; keep in mind that Mr Trump has been associating with Russian oligarchs and other shadowy thugs for DECADES; apparently this is only a secret to Trump supporters.

Dec 14th








The Emolument Suit Against Trump That Is Moving Ahead

The Emolument Suit Against Trump That Is Moving Ahead

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