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The Enemy Thought He Had Me with Wendell White

The Enemy Thought He Had Me with Wendell White

Update: 2021-02-25


"Opposition can be an obstacle or an decide!" ~ Altovise Pelzer

Entrepreneurship will have you doing some serious soul searching. From the connections that you make to the labels that you may be wearing from your past, you find that life and business tend to merge even when you pursue your dreams. With that being said, having some key things in your tools box will give you what you need to navigate the waves.

Wendell's nuggets:
~ Be true to your story
~ We are the example that our children will follow after
~ The help being provided can seem offensive to some people (It's not's them)
~ People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care
~ In the most difficult times...pray
~ What you see is not always a true visual of the whole picture
~ Ask yourself, "Are you breeding your children to be disrespectful?"
~ Every seed sown will reap a harvest
~ Without accountability it is hard to do anything

"I have come to understand, especially in my walk with Christ, that people are responsible for what they know." ~ Wendell

Pride is one of the ways that we cause destruction to our dreams because we don't ask for help when we need it most. There is the idea that we should put on our bravest face and muster through situations but this one of the ways that the enemy defeats us. Provision is put into place for us which is what Wendell found out in his journey. He believes that the prayers of his grandmother played a huge role in his survival of jail, drugs, and life in the streets. It was the provision that he didn't know he needed but he is thankful that he did.

Wendell hopes, like many parents, that the transparency he displays about his past will help steer his 11 children in the right direction. When we attempt to be silent about what we have endured, overcome, or even failed at there is a false sense of perfection that we display for those who are watching our journey. (Those that we see and those that we do not see)

Be the example that you wish you makes a difference. This can be for life and business.








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The Enemy Thought He Had Me with Wendell White

The Enemy Thought He Had Me with Wendell White

Altovise Pelzer