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The Epidemic of Unemployment

The Epidemic of Unemployment

Update: 2020-06-2430


Three months after mass layoffs began across America, 20 million Americans remain out of work because of the pandemic. Federal employment benefits are about to run out, and Congress can’t agree on more financial help. We called people struggling with unemployment to hear how they are doing. Guest: Julie Creswell, Sabrina Tavernise and Ben Casselman, reporters at The New York Times, spoke with Nicolle Nordman, Analía Rodríguez and Nakitta Long about being laid off. For more information on today’s episode, visit 

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Michael Blair

The last person in this particular episode has an unbelievable story. Forgive my candor in advance but it appears she was naive or simply did not want to use her advance degree in Criminal Justice. Her opportunities are endless with the federal government. She could be a civilian analyst for an array of federal law enforcement agencies making well over 100K in time. To have such a compelling degree and not crack ever $50,000 is striking and leads me to think she was comfortable in manufacturing as oppose to finding a better opportunity. I commiserate with her woes but I wish she used her degree better than manufacturing.

Jun 29th

Megan Punches

It’s nice to hear from all women but maybe get a diverse selection of ages. Can we talk about how much this unemployment pandemic is affecting millennials who are suffering under the weight of student loans and who have significantly less assets? This is setting us back even further from financial freedom.

Jun 26th

Suzanne Foxley

I like seeing that unemployment obviously only effects women with children. So much to the NY times always trying to widen our horizons 😅

Jun 25th

Mom Secret

With a master's in law to become a therapist. Interesting jump.

Jun 24th
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The Epidemic of Unemployment

The Epidemic of Unemployment