The Evolving Dent in Earth's Magnetic Field

The Evolving Dent in Earth's Magnetic Field

Update: 2020-09-09


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SpaceTime 20200909 Series 23 Episode 93

*A small but evolving dent in Earth's magnetic field

Scientists are seeing a split in the South Atlantic Anomaly – a growing weak spot in Earth’s magnetic field.

*The strange hot world of KELT-9B

Astronomers have discovered one of the strangest most extreme worlds in the galaxy.

*Calls for development of a new satellite early warning system

The United States and Japan are looking at developing a new satellite based missile early warning system to focus on the growing threat to world peace posed by China and its North Korean ally.

*New Argentine Earth Observation satellite launched

SpaceX has launched a new Earth observation satellite for Argentina. SAOCOM 1B was launched aboard a Falcon 9 rocket from space launch complex 40 at the Cape Canaveral Air force Base in Florida.

*The Science Report

Discovery of a link between waist size and prostate cancer.

Discovery of a blood test which could help predict those at risk of psychosis.

New intelligence shows Iran is still actively seeking technology for weapons of mass destruction.

Despite their claims of wokeness 72 percent of Generation Z won’t eat artificially lab grown meat.

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Michael Pierce

your idiotic, trump-ish Covid "science news" was bad enough now attacking young activists for their peers allegedly not wanting to eat a product that doesn't exist is next level. science smart you are definitely not. bye bye fool.

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The Evolving Dent in Earth's Magnetic Field

The Evolving Dent in Earth's Magnetic Field