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The Exit Interview of your Dreams

The Exit Interview of your Dreams

Update: 2019-08-123


One of the biggest work stories in the last several years has gotta be the push for more diversity of all kinds in the workforce. And not just because it’s morally the right thing to do, but also because it’s good business.

While there’s more awareness of that than ever, there’s the inevitable parallel phenomenon: pushback from workers and management who are weary of talking about it. 

Diversity Consultant and Sacred Heart University Professor Janice Gassam has given that phenomenon a name: “diversity fatigue.” Gassam joins us today to talk about why some people feel burned out on diversity and inclusion training, and what can be done to help everyone in the office be more receptive to it.

But first, Liz and Rico let listener Deanna have a fantasy exit interview, one where it’s okay to air her grievances. And in our Work Pop segment, we’re looking back at the hilarious Comedy Central sitcom “Broad City,” and what that show can tell us about the perils of intern life.

Then later, we’ll hear from listener Sarah, who’s banded together with her colleagues against a manager that she’s described as a “time sponge.”

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The Exit Interview of your Dreams

The Exit Interview of your Dreams