The Flip Flop CEO Interview Part 2

The Flip Flop CEO Interview Part 2

Update: 2021-02-04


My interview with Janine Finney, author of "The Flip Flop CEO" - Part 2.

Part 1 is here!

Have you ever wondered how to explain network marketing to someone with a closed mind? Or, how to approach someone you view as already super successful, who might have an interest, but you are unsure, and don’t want to feel silly or stupid when you open the conversation?

Or, perhaps you are struggling with your own MLM blueprint and belief in the profession?

Listen in as I am joined by a former Corporate America executive, six figure earner who was very unhappy in her corporate life, even though everything looked polished and buttoned up on the outside. Yet, she was a complete MLM skeptic.

What opened her mind; how did she hit the top rank in her company in 1 year; and how might this knowledge help you do the same?

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What could be better than that?

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The Flip Flop CEO Interview Part 2

The Flip Flop CEO Interview Part 2

Jackie Ulmer, Network Marketing Business Skills, Direct Sales Social Media Strategist