DiscoverThe Generation Why PodcastThe Franciscan Priest Murders - 439
The Franciscan Priest Murders - 439

The Franciscan Priest Murders - 439

Update: 2021-09-279


On August 5, 1982, Father Reynaldo Rivera, in Santa Fe, New Mexico, was murdered and his body was discovered three days later. Nearly two years after that, Father John Kerrigan, in Ronan, Montana, disappeared after leaving a bakery in downtown Ronan. Days later, his bloody clothes were found along a highway. Also found was a mangled and bloody coat hanger. Similarities between the two cases seemed obvious, but is there a connection? Nic from True Crime Garage joins Aaron to discuss these perplexing cases and possible motives.

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Joshua Hurley

listening listening to this podcast about the priest murders and length of time between the release of the allegations of the church and the murders suggest to me that a child that was sexually abused grew up and may have committed the murders. I don't know maybe I didnt hear correctly, but that's the conclusion that I'm coming to.

Oct 2nd
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Zank Frappe

Nick's in the house!

Sep 27th
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The Franciscan Priest Murders - 439

The Franciscan Priest Murders - 439