DiscoverHow To Build A Dating AppThe Future is App-Shaped with John Kershaw | Episode 1
The Future is App-Shaped with John Kershaw | Episode 1

The Future is App-Shaped with John Kershaw | Episode 1

Update: 2019-06-03


Welcome back to the How to Build a Dating App Podcast, chronicling the journey of a group of Marketeers building and launching a brand-new dating app.

In this episode, we welcome John Kershaw, mastermind of niche dating app Bristlr, and founder of M14 Industries. Kate, Michael, and Richard chat with John about everything from how procrastination led to creating a “joke” app that’s gone on to make half a million matches, to the viability of niche dating apps and the future of the dating app industry.

Exciting talking points from this episode include:

01:07 : The Uber for Beard Fondling

Think your dating app idea is a little ‘out there’? John discusses how a simple idea turned into a viral dating app for hipster-matching.

04:49 Funnels, Shotguns, and the Lothario Detector

We muse with John about how some approaches for dating aren’t transferable and if dating apps mimic the same kind of initial interaction couples might have in the real world.

08:44 How to Grow the Beard

What are the ins-and-outs of Bristlr, and other apps that M14 Industries creates? How does the creation process work? What’s the ultimate goal with a niche app, and can it grow into a profitable business? John discusses if it’s possible to simply hit a big red ‘monetise’ button for an app, and the difference between ‘real’ dating apps, and ones designed to grab your user details.

18:27 : Trending Towards Classier Apps

John describes the lean towards a ‘classier’ trend of app users and aesthetic, as companies try to build 'anti-Tinder' dating apps. The future of dating apps? Meaningful companionship and friendship. Also, video streaming!

26:47 : Managing Expectations

How important it is to cater to users' expectations? We look over what people expect from new dating apps, from functionality to design.

33:41 : Going Out vs Bristlr & Chill

Why not just stay home? It’s cold and dark outside. John explains that “going out is terrible” and how you don’t need to guess intentions on an app, along with two reasons why someone would switch to a new app.

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The Future is App-Shaped with John Kershaw | Episode 1

The Future is App-Shaped with John Kershaw | Episode 1

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