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The Gamble with Peter Gallagher

The Gamble with Peter Gallagher

Update: 2021-05-114


Rachel and Melinda discuss "The Gamble" (S1 Ep3) with guest, Peter Gallagher, who played Sandy Cohen on The OC. Peter shares his unique audition story. They all comment on their bronzed looks. Find out about Camp Gallagher, a weekend they'll never forget!

The Gamble Synopsis: Sandy comes to Ryan's rescue once again. Kirsten decides to invite Dawn to an elite Vegas Night, but she gets lost in the sauce, disappointing Ryan. Dawn believes Ryan is better off with the Cohens, leaving him with Sandy and Kirsten. Meanwhile, Julie is furious when she finds out Jimmy borrowed money from Kirsten, and she thanks Sandy, who is unaware of this.

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The Gamble with Peter Gallagher

The Gamble with Peter Gallagher

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