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The Go-to-Market Transformation Framework

The Go-to-Market Transformation Framework

Update: 2023-08-09


In a recent interview GTM Disrupted host Mike Smart sat with Sangram Vajre, best-selling author and Co-Founder/CEO of GTM Partners, a data driven go-to-market analyst firm to chat about the urgent need for B2B companies to modernize their go-to-market functions. Sangram shares his experience and insights on how to use a go-to-market framework to scale a company at every stage to sustain growth. His call to action for B2B companies that struggle with stagnant Net Recurring Revenue (NRR) is based on clarity, alignment and trust starting at the C-Suite.

Sangram’s Bio:

Sangram has been at the forefront of the B2B marketing trends for over a decade. He is the author of two books on B2B marketing the most recent one “MOVE The 4-question go-to-market framework” is a Wall Street Journal best seller. Sangram believes his primary job is being a great husband and Dad. His side gig is running GTM Partners. Prior to his most recent side gig, he was co-Founder and Chief Evangelist of Terminus the ABM platform company. He has also served as head of marketing for Pardot, a Salesforce company.

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Correction Please Read:

At 21 minutes into the show I stated that Product Board acquired the product management community

“Mind the Product”.

Correction – on February 1, 2022 Inc. announced that it acquired Mind the Product the terms

were not disclosed.

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The Go-to-Market Transformation Framework

The Go-to-Market Transformation Framework

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