DiscoverA Date With DatelineThe Golden Child S.27 Ep.22
The Golden Child S.27 Ep.22

The Golden Child S.27 Ep.22

Update: 2020-02-052


When a family’s Golden Child goes missing, Kimberly and Katie are on the case! Actually Dennis Murphy, a precious mother named Ms. Butler, and a jovial cold case detective are on the case and we’re all just watching. But, we’re also learning. Did you know that when texting an anonymous tip to police about a murder, using “2” is an acceptable substitute for “to"? You did? Well, did you know that there is an elite group of civil war relic hunters searching the country for treasure and trinkets?! Hello?! (is it me you're looking for) This episode is one for the history books. Join us for “The Golden Child”!

Official Description from NBCU: An investigation into a woman's mysterious disappearance from inside her home in Washington, D.C., reveals a connection to the decades-old disappearance of another woman. Dennis Murphy reports.

This episode is dedicated to our Patronus from Tennessee, Jennifer W. A beautiful person inside and out. Remember that you can get instant access to dozens of full length bonus episodes  by joining A Date with Dateline Patreon at the Loving Life level! Thank you so much to ALL of our amazing Patroni! You are the reason that we can do this show!

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The Golden Child S.27 Ep.22

The Golden Child S.27 Ep.22

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