The Good P. M.S.

The Good P. M.S.

Update: 2021-08-12


In this episode, we talk about the one behavior change model that rules them all. One that gets us past the expectation that people should just magically know what we want. You'll hear an example that will warm your heart and give you relationship goals. In the end, you'll know how to help both yourself and others give you what you really need.

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Episode Transcription

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Have you ever read or heard something and thought to yourself, dang, that was deep. I got to get that on a t-shirt. I have that thought all the time. I'm Bonny King-Taylor, a life coach and counselor dedicated to helping you change your life by changing your thoughts. I'd like to welcome you to t-shirt truths, where we talk about the thoughts that when we become comfortable with them, like a favorite t-shirt, we become more fully ourselves, live more satisfying lives and interact more effectively. With those around us. Let's get started by slipping into today's t-shirt truth.

(00:57 ):

In my episode about focusing on what you want rather than what you don't want. I talked about how your subconscious mind believes everything you say it focuses on the intention, not whether it's positive or negative, real, or made up the truth is we tend to focus more on the negative until we train ourselves to do otherwise.

(01:17 ):

Do you want to know my biggest pet peeve here it is: Have you ever noticed how, when someone tells you to be more realistic, it's actually code for be more negative? Yeah. It's not constructive. In a future episode, I'll go into the massive scam that misery loves company really is.

(01:38 ):

But for now let's focus on the one true behavior change model that rules them all. It's P M S easy to remember, and not at all, what you think it's about making your intentions and requests both from yourself and others, positive, measurable, and specific positive is defined as consisting in or characterized by the presence or possession of features or qualities rather than their absence, constructive, optimistic, and confident.

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The Good P. M.S.

The Good P. M.S.

Bonny King-Taylor