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The Good Place Week: Mike Schur

The Good Place Week: Mike Schur

Update: 2018-09-2625


Episode 3 of The Good Place week shines a light on the man behind the curtain, Mike Schur. Mike (The Office, Parks and Recreation, Brooklyn 99) sits down with the Armchair Expert to discuss his philosophy on always “punching up”, he breaks down white privilege, details the many facets of showrunning and he gives a sweet anecdote that sums up Regis Philbin’s character. Dax and Mike discuss the virtues and pitfalls of Andrew Dice Clay, they talk about Mike’s attraction to equality and they come to the conclusion that Ted, Mike and Kristen would be the perfect threesome to pickpocket.

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Kristy Gempton

This isn't mine, I'm not this clever. White Privilege doesn't mean you haven't struggled, it means your skin colour wasn't one of your struggles.

Mar 19th


and..... next show. I don't need a lecture on what is funny.

Oct 9th

Nicolas Turmes

Jenn I guess someone else's opinion scares you?

Dec 5th

Lindsay Bailey

Please use this show when trying to understand how Trump got elected as exibit A. we are so tired of being told how to think and being condescended to if our thinking is different as if it's caveman thinking vs. enlightened thinking. We want to be able to go and see Three Amigos and laugh our butts off without having a long two-hour lecture on how each minority character was represented. Hollywood takes the fun and joy out of everything that's left in this world and that's why we're sick and tired of the politically correct lectures that we get from Hollywood. it's kind of like a child that is constantly getting lectured from their parents... Eventually you just tune them out and want to go the complete opposite direction of what they're saying. Trump is a rebellion of everything that went on on this podcast. Meaning the politics of the conversation not the people. It's a Wonderful podcast and everybody on the podcast is a wonderful person it just is so preachy and emphatic. I'm not saying I'm right and you're wrong or vice a versa... I'm saying we can all have opinions that are strong and I wish that BOTH left and right wing politically minded people would understand that.

Oct 1st

Chris Miller

Lindsay Bailey You're probably pissed off that Dax told you what eggs to buy too, huh?

Jan 17th

Angie Bee

Lindsay Bailey A lecture about not wanting to be lectured huh #meta #ironical

Oct 2nd

Totally Wired Studio

sounds like you should have Dice on the show! ...I'm sure his schedule is flexible.

Sep 30th
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The Good Place Week: Mike Schur

The Good Place Week: Mike Schur

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